8 Books on Sustaining Excellence, Building a Reading Habit, Money Psychology, and More

Matt Karamazov
18 min readFeb 4, 2024

Including a book that changed the way I look at money, and another book about rigging the game of business in your favor

📚 The Reading Life 📚

Excellence is all about over-delivering and exceeding expectations, so I’m going to pass along more than “just” 8 books today.

Further down, we’ve got a million-copy bestseller that changed the way I and so many other people think about money and its role in our lives.

(Hint: He’s got a follow-up book to that one that’s even better, in my opinion, called Same as Ever)

We’ve also got one of the most acclaimed biographies to come out detailing the life and rise of the great anti-abolitionist Frederick Douglass (this book won the Pulitzer Prize in History).

And a few others that stood out among the 1,250+ books I’ve read and taken detailed notes on in my 33 years on this planet.

But first the “bonus” book recommendations before I begin:

Earlier today, I finished reading Leveling Up, by Eric Siu, a gamer-turned-successful-businessperson whose book is about “gamifying” your life and, well, leveling up!

A recent favorite was Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness, by Jane Kim Yu (it’s blowing up right now on Instagram), and I’m now diving into The Comfort Zone, by Kristen Butler, as well as a few other great ones!

I’ve got a few new YouTube videos coming this week, but one of my more popular recent ones is 7 Books I’d Sell My Own MOTHER to Read Again for the First Time.

If you’re new to channel or me personally, check it out! I post plenty of video book reviews there too that you might like.

Now let’s get into the rest of the books!

Today We’ve Got…

  • 📖 The book quote of the week
  • 💲 A great book on how to make sales without selling your soul
  • 📜 The latest book breakdown at The Stairway to Wisdom
  • 📚 My top 5 book recommendations this week
  • 🏆 A special gift for reading all the way to the end



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