Arnold’s New Book is the Most Schwarzenegger Thing I’ve Ever Read in My Life

Matt Karamazov
14 min readDec 3, 2023

I read 14 books in last month, and the 3rd one might even accurately label Arnold’s psychiatric condition

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As you’ll see, this is not a hit piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger. His new book, Be Useful, is actually phenomenal (I took 5+ pages of notes), but there’s something up with Arnold’s brain.

Arnold just has this…energy about him. This drive. This…fire.

It’s not unique to him — the 3rd book I read last month tells amazing stories of people with similar infernos raging inside them — but he’s one of the best living examples of it, I think.

The term is hypomania, and while not exactly a psychiatric disorder, it’s pretty much the closest you can get without actually having one.

It’s actually not even such a bad thing, either, the case studies in the book notwithstanding. With appropriate levels of emotional control and a strong character, you can control it.

The prefix “hypo” means “under” and so you can think of hypomanics as “not as” manic, or “less” manic than someone who would be said to have a psychiatric condition. Anyway, it might help explain how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been able to accomplish such a tremendous amount of awesome things in his life.

The guy just can’t sit still! He was just “hungrier” than the other guys, and hypomania probably had something to do with it.

Besides the two books I’ve mentioned so far, I’ve also read 12 other books last month that I want to tell you about — some excellent, others just “good” — and they were the 75th through 88th books I’ve read so far this year.

In total, I’ve read and taken notes on 1,237 books at the time of writing, and my full Reading List can be found here.

But let’s start with Book #75 this year, which was…



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