How to Join the Top 1% (Without Selling Your Soul)

Matt Karamazov
10 min readFeb 8, 2024

There are more millionaires today than ever before, but is money ALL it takes to join the top 1%?

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I had a revealing conversation with someone I trust the other day about extreme wealth and greed.

It was actually quite strange to hear this question come out of this person’s mouth, but when I mentioned that I was reading What It Takes, by the billionaire Steven A. Schwarzman, she asked:

“Oh, did they write that book from prison?”

Now, to my knowledge, Schwarzman has never even come close to going to prison, but this person’s assumption was that because he had accumulated such massive wealth, he must have done something wrong to get it.

Very revealing.

But is that true of everyone who’s a member of the *hushed tones* “Top 1%”?

Are they all crooks and scammers and mafia masterminds and…well, jerks?

Why assume that Billionaire = Criminal Past?

Personally, I believe that the difference between rich people and poor people is that poor people have less money.

The author of today’s book, The Top 1%, outlines a few other differences between people in the highest tax brackets and those below, and shows how where we start off doesn’t have to…



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