If You Take the Easy Way Out, You’re Guaranteed to Have a Hard Life. Take the Hard Path? You’ll Have an Easy Life.

Matt Karamazov
23 min readNov 6, 2023

We’ve never really understood the TRUE nature of mental toughness…until now

The Reading Life

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. That’s basically how it goes.

You put in the hard work NOW, when it’s your CHOICE whether or not to do so, instead of waiting until later when Life FORCES the hard life upon you as your body breaks down, your relationships are frayed, your job is unfulfilling, and you don’t have enough money to make productive changes in any of those areas.

Do Hard Things, by Steve Magness, can help build your mental toughness, confidence, and self-efficacy, and I’ve condensed all the Key Ideas from that book in a smart, comprehensive breakdown that you can read in just 33 minutes.

But after reading more than 1,200+ books, I have so much more that I want to share with you. So many fantastic books that can make positive, meaningful changes in your one, astounding, valuable life.


Today we’ve got:

  • An introduction to today’s “Five Books”
  • The book quote of the week
  • My personal news, and the best of what I’m reading and sharing right now
  • A new book alert: featuring an anthology of wisdom from one of the sharpest minds today
  • The latest book breakdown from the Stairway to Wisdom
  • The Paradox of Abundance
  • My Monthly Reading Recap where I share the 13 books I read last month
  • The 3 rules of winning
  • How developing a “Lamborghini Mindset” skyrocketed the profits in my business
  • My top 5 book recommendations this week
  • A special gift for reading all the way to the end
  1. Do Hard Things, by Steve Magness
  2. The Simple Path to Wealth, by JL Collins
  3. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz



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