Is the Dizziness of Freedom Worse Than Wasting Away in a Job You Despise?

Matt Karamazov
23 min readDec 2, 2023

(This book won’t tell you the answer, but it will lead you to some better questions)

Stairway to Wisdom

I meant to publish this article earlier than this, but ironically, I was working on recording my new time management course, Time Mastery :)

Essentially, I didn’t have time to get this article published earlier because I spent all my time working on a course to help people better manage their time…

The irony is not lost on me.

Anyway, time flows in but one direction, so let’s get into today’s books!

One of them, The Pathless Path, by Paul Millerd, is one of the best books I read in 2023, and it’s essential reading if you’re looking to find fulfilling work embedded within a meaningful life.

Today we’ve also got…

  • 📚 An introduction to today’s “Five Books”
  • 🗨 The book quote of the week
  • 📖 A new book alert: featuring my friend’s excellent new book that will teach you how to become a much stronger reader
  • 📜 The latest book breakdown from the Stairway to Wisdom
  • 💸 “The 4% Rule” that will help you plan for a fantastic, wealthy retirement
  • 🎥 The only two places in the entire WORLD where every single person is welcome
  • ✍️ 4 must-read psychology books that most people have never heard of
  • 🧠 How I was able to read (and mostly retain) 1,200+ books in the last ten years
  • 📚 My top 5 book recommendations this week
  • 🏆 A special gift for reading all the way to the end
  1. The Pathless Path, by Paul Millerd
  2. Excellent Advice for Living, by Kevin Kelly
  3. Super Consciousness, by Colin Wilson
  4. No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, by Dan S. Kennedy
  5. A Separate Reality, by Carlos Castaneda



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