📚 Legendary Music Producer Rick Rubin Spills the SECRETS to Prolific Creativity in His New Book

Matt Karamazov
15 min readSep 6

“The ability to look deeply is the root of creativity.”

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📚 Hey, good evening!

One of the (many) reasons I’m so optimistic about the future is that we’re about to enter into a golden age of creativity, self-expression, and art.

As more people all over the world get lifted out of poverty, connected to the internet (and to each other) and brought online, and escape wage slavery, we’re going to see more people become artists.

Or, rather, we’re going to see more people discover for themselves that they are already artists.

You are already an artist, and as legendary music producer Rick Rubin talks about in his new book, it might be impossible to discover who you are without first expressing who you are.

For literally the entire history of humanity, most people had no freedom whatsoever to gain self-knowledge through creative expression.

But now, because we’re living in the goddamn future, everybody is going to have this freedom.

Just wait and see!

While we’re waiting (and yes, we still have a tremendous amount of work to do to make this golden age a reality the world over), I’d like to humbly recommend that you check out Rubin’s book, The Creative Act.

I thought so highly of this book that I wrote a complete breakdown of The Creative Act for the Stairway to Wisdom, highlights of which I’ll share with you here in this article.

The breakdown itself is about 12,100 words, covering all the Key Ideas, Book Notes, Action Steps, and more.

It’s also free, by the way.

It’ll only take you about 46 minutes to read the whole thing, and in it, you’ll learn how to experience the world with the same quality of attention you’d bring to landing a plane, discover how no two single gusts of wind are ever the same, learn how to create sustainable systems that will enable you to do your best work, and much more besides.

You can read the full breakdown here, but I’ll give you a little preview in this email so…

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