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Matt Karamazov
2 min readOct 14, 2021
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My Popular Reading List The 1,000+ Books That Destroyed and Rebuilt My Mind

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About Me:

At age 19 I was the head of an international record label with worldwide distribution, but I moved on when I realized that I’d have to do it for the rest of my life. Um, yeah…no.

I then worked an overnight security job where I read more than 1,000 books in 8 years.

Again…rest of my life…no, thanks.

This is what I’m doing now.

As a public educator, I inspire people by displaying the transformative power of books, literature, and reading.

I do this primarily through my:

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And of course, through the Stairway to Wisdom!

There’s more to my story, of course, but you don’t wanna hear about the time I got kicked out of India, or about when I received a community service medal from the Queen of England…

Instead, I’ll just give you a list of the 1,000+ books that destroyed and rebuilt my mind. Be careful, though, they’re dangerous!

All the best,

Matt Karamazov

P.S. Live “The Reading Life!”

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