Here’s How I’m Achieving My Biggest Goals: Progress Report for May, 2021

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More life! Stop doing things that cause you to feel dead inside. The only direction you have to take in life is towards being more fully alive.

My Evolving Philosophy of Life

What are you building with your life?

What I Did RIGHT Last Month:

What I Could Do Better THIS Month:

What I Plan to Accomplish in May

What I’m Working On Now:

Books Finished Last Month:

Other Developments from Last Month:

Long Term Goals:

Currently Reading: Faust, by Johann von Goethe

Mid Term Goals:

Short Term Goals:

Physique Goals:

Body Measurements: (Taken 4x Yearly)

More muscles! More books!

The Numbers:

Current Revenue Streams:







Total So Far in 2021: $672

Total Income in Previous Years:


Donations in 2019:

Donations in 2020:

Donations So Far in 2021:

Donate to Doctors Without Borders too! They’re one of my favorite charities, and one I will be supporting a lot more in coming years.


Want to Learn How to Read More Books?

Top Writer in Books and Reading. Physique Competitor. Nonprofit Leader. Best Books:

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