Progress Report: January 2021

My fight to read 10,000 books, live on 1% of my income, and own a space travel company

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Good Morning!

This is my first-ever progress report on Medium, and what I plan to do is get real honest and transparent with you guys about what I’m working on, how it’s going, what I’m doing to get there, and what I think can help you get to wherever it is you’re going.

We’re all in this together, and I hope that some of what I have to impart resonates with you, even if our goals are completely different.

And they probably are!

What I want to say first, though, is that if you’re not having fun chasing down your goals, then what the fuck is the point?

Everyone seems sooo concerned about “making it,” and becoming “successful” (whatever the hell that means), and it’s getting to the point where people are becoming so detached from reality — from life itself — that even if they do achieve their goals, they end up almost completely dead inside, instead of more fully alive.

I don’t want that to happen to you, and I sure as fuck don’t want that to happen to me.

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My Evolving Philosophy of Life

We’ll get into the numbers and data a few paragraphs down, but it’s important to have a philosophy of life, not to mention a vision of how exactly you want your one and only life to unfold.

I won’t go too in-depth here, but this is something like the “philosophical framework” wherein my goals reside.

Always changing, always advancing, always growing, these are some of the most important things I’m thinking about right now.

This is some high-level shit that you need to figure out if you want your life to make sense:

#1: None of us have — literally — any time to waste. Everyone gets the same 24-hours in a day, and if you let them slip away, they’ll be gone forever. Aggressively take back your time!

#2: If you have some vague idea of where you’re going in life, you’ll get a vague, non-specific life. Get specific. Anything that’s not bringing you closer to the things you’ve dedicated your life to, ruthlessly eliminate them.

#3: Bring together the intellect, the body, and the emotions. Most people never get to the point where all three are firing together. That’s where the magic happens. When you’re pushing your mind and body to their absolute limits, and really feeling what it means to be alive.

#4: Live as though it was your first day, your last day, and as though you’re going to live forever. Your first day so you’ll never taken anything for granted, always seeing things with fresh eyes; your last day so you’ll never put anything off; and like you’re going to live forever, so that you act knowing that your actions have consequences, and what you do today will ripple towards the future.

#5: Never, ever, ever break a promise to yourself. And while we’re at it, do not lie to yourself. Ever.

#6: Once you decide to do something, go all in. You can’t just pussy-foot around (first time I think I’ve ever used that word in a sentence haha) and expect to get anywhere. No one’s building SpaceX working 20 hours a week.

#7: Create an internal reality so strong that it becomes your external reality. This comes down to pure, unadulterated self-belief. It sounds stupid when you say it out loud (or write it), but you must believe in yourself. You just have to. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

#8: Never go to sleep knowing that you could have done more that day, tried harder, pushed harder, fought harder.

#9: Don’t let a fucking “feeling” stop you from doing what you know you have to do to reach your goals. You don’t have to “feel like it,” you just have to do it.

#10: Dance while the music is being played! Our lives end. We only have a limited time to be happy and work hard and earn success and achieve great things and have a great time, so you owe it to yourself to recognize when the good times are here and enjoy them.

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The Vision

I’d share my whole vision for my life with you, but I have a feeling that it might get incredibly boring!

Might Get Boring = Will Get Boring

It’s just a lot of “I” statements about where I see myself and what my life will look like when I get to where I’m going.

I’ll spare you all that haha.

But it’s important (I think) to have a direction, something you’re moving towards and that lights you up.

Mine mostly involves reading books, working out, and saving starving children. More on that later…


Alright so here we’re gonna get into some details, and we’ll start with my long term goals. I have my whole life to achieve these, but obviously I want to achieve them sooner rather than later.

Whatever your long term goals are, remember that momentum can be slow in the beginning, but it will pick up if you’re consistent with it. Do the work every day, things will snowball, and you’ll make exponential gains.

So before the end of my life, I will…


This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Seriously. We often think we need soooo much money to be happy or to live the life we want, but we really don’t.

Where I live, you can rent a luxury apartment for like $1,700 a month, the car I want will cost me about $1,500 a month (Maserati GT convertible), my bodybuilder diet costs me about $1,000 a month, then there’s books, coffee, the occasional night out with friends, etc.

I could literally have every single thing I want in life for something like $10,000 a month. That’s $120,000 a year; multiply that by 100 and you get $12,000,000. So my goal is to live on 1% of that and give the rest away.

That’s fucking NOTHING!

We’re alive during the internet GOLD RUSH, where there’s opportunity everywhere, profit sources readily available for those of us with the initiative to go out and capture them.

I don’t need to be a billionaire, and if I live on 1% of my income I can give the rest of my money away to people who REALLY need it.

Down below I detail how much money I give away now. As it stands, it’s actually shameful how little of my money I give away. This year, that number has to go way up.


Elon Musk says that he wants to die on Mars, just not on impact. Well for me, I want to go into space (more than anything), but I also want to come home! With Virgin Galactic offering seats on their space shuttles, the new era of space tourism is coming, and I’m going to be a part of it.


Space is one of the places where the big money is going to be made in the future. I plan on getting in on the ground floor, so to speak, and so I’m going to be heavily invested in space companies and technologies. Eventually, I want to be the majority shareholder of one of those companies and help shape its corporate direction.


I’ve worked as a bouncer ever since I turned legal drinking age and it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. All of the greatest times in my life have been spent at bars, and at some point I want to own one so I can hang out there.

Leave the management to someone else, and leave the partying to me.

I will be a little bit involved, because I don’t want to blow my money, but I won’t be part of the night-to-night management of the thing.


I have so many books in me! I’m working on my first novel now, and hoping to have the manuscript finished by the end of February. We shall see.


Recently I just finished my 900th book! As of today, I think I’m at 903 or something, so of course I’m a long way off from 10,000, but these are long term goals and I’m making great progress!

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These are goals to be achieved within the next 5–10 years, but hopefully sooner, of course. They’re big, but when you break them down into short term goals, they become manageable, even realistic.


I cut weight recently to get down to 180lbs and 7% body fat, and now I’m climbing back up. Currently at 183.6lbs, but I don’t want to check my body fat percentage because I’ll miss my 8-pack even more than I already do.


A little while ago I launched a Patreon page where people could get my book notes on all the 900+ books I’ve read so far. I’ve really been neglecting to grow my Patreon, and so that’s going to be a focus for this year. Right now I have just 2 people (out of 1,000) receiving my book notes. I will be driving this number way higher this year.


Having an email list lets me communicate with my readers and subscribers directly, and it’s really the cornerstone of an online business today. You need to have an email list if you want to be really successful online, and as of this month my email list is at 876 people. Not bad for just starting out!

Between 1–3 times weekly, I share my best book notes, some reading recommendations, updates on my work, stuff like that. You can sign up here and get my book, The Top 20 Unconventional Reading Strategies for free.

  • INVEST $5,000,000

Pretty self-explanatory. I use Questrade, and do all my investing from there. Like I mentioned before, I’m interested in space stocks, as well as sustainability and a few other categories.

I like to keep steady dividend stocks as well, plus a few stocks that are more risky but that I want to see what will happen to them. Dan Bilzerian’s company, Ignite, is one of them.


I mentioned this above as well. This might actually go on my short term goals, because I’m going to buy one used, and they really don’t cost as much as they look like they do. Will keep you updated!


This will probably be the novel I’m working on, as I’m closest to finishing that one, although I have a few nonfiction books in development. We shall see. As always, I’ll keep everyone updated! Sign up here if you want to hear about it when it comes out.

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These are basically smaller versions of my mid term goals. For example, before the year is out, I want to have 1,000 volunteers signed up for my charity initiative, 5,000 people per month visiting my website, 10,000 people on my email list, etc.

The one I’m closest to and most excited about is reading my 1,000th book!

It looks like I’ll achieve that goal by around April or so!

Another short term goal of mine is to get a literary agent, whom I will be pursuing after my novel manuscript is done, hopefully by around the end of February.


In future months I might break down my diet and training a little more for you guys, but for right now I’ll just give my measurements and lay out the basics.

I train to failure, which means lifting the heaviest possible weight for as many times as you can lift it until you feel you’re going to die…and then you bang out 5 more reps after that.

My diet is so simple and boring, it’s great. Mostly chicken and rice, lots of steak, and eggs, and toast, and vegetables, and potatoes, etc. My macros are 450g of carbs, 120g of fat, and 250g of protein daily, which comes to 3,880 calories. Also 2 gallons of water daily.

On top of diet and training, rest and recovery is crucial, so I use the sleep tracking app Sleep Cycle, and I track my sleep quality over time. Last month, my sleep quality (averaged over 31 days) was 79.8%, which is fucking garbage. Will do better this month.

My trainer is Brandon Flihan who is AMAZING. Honestly, I’m so incredibly fortunate to have him working with me. You can check him out on IG.

Body Measurements: (Taken 4x Yearly)

Arms : 15.5"

Goal: 18"

Forearms: 12.5"

Goal: 14"

Shoulders: 51.25"

Goal: 53"

Chest: 43"

Goal: 44"

Waist: 32"

Goal: 32"

Thigh: 22"

Goal: 25"

Calf: 14"

Goal: 16"

Shoulder-Waist Ratio: 1.602

Goal: 1.618

Weight: 183.6lbs

Goal: 230lbs

Body Fat Percentage: 9.9%

Goal: 8%

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Alright now let’s get a little more in-depth! These are my career progress numbers, where I’m being really transparent with you guys so you can see exactly where I’m at and how I’m doing.

Here goes…

Email List: 876 subscribers

Average Monthly Website Visitors: 1,187

YouTube: 33 Subscribers

Facebook: 1,117 Likes

Instagram: 413 Followers

Twitter: 277 Followers

Medium: 252 Followers

Patreon: 2 Patrons in Total

Money Donated by My Charity: $240

Books Read: 903


These are all the ways I make money online (and off). Currently, I have 8 revenue streams, and I’ll be adding 8 more shortly, as in, this year.

It sounds like a lot to handle, but most of these are more or less automated.

With most of them I just have to do the work up front. For example, once I finish my novel, I never have to write it again. It’s out there in the world, making me money while I sleep.

Same thing more or less with articles on Medium, YouTube videos, etc.

That’s the beauty of the internet! Things you create years ago can keep earning you money over time!

I won’t go super in-depth here, but maybe I’ll go deeper in future months. Just the basics about my revenue streams today.

High Existence:

Still in the pre-launch phase of a book subscription service. This will probably generate most of the money I make online though, at least at first.

Average Month: $0

Last Month: $0

Best Month: $0

Next Goal: $0


The number of patrons I have actually went down by about half recently, but I’m hoping to attract some more soon. This is where people get access to all my 900+ book notes and other rewards.

Average Month: $24

Last Month: $24

Best Month: $35

Next Goal: $100


Medium has been great to me so far! I love the story editor, the people, the publications. Having a great time so far. And making money too! To make more money here, I need to write way more articles though.

Average: $228.94

Last Month: $254.40

Best Month: $254.40

Next Goal: $500


I am an Amazon affiliate and the payments are hit and miss because I need to hit a $100 threshold before my money is paid out to me. So I made $100 one month, then nothing for the next three. Having more articles and affiliate links active will increase my earnings here.

Average: $0

Last Month: $0

Best Month: $100

Next Goal: $150

Vocal Media:

This is a new platform I’m trying out, and I actually haven’t written anything for them yet. I’m going to syndicate my articles there though so I reach a whole new audience.

Average: $0

Last Month: $0

Best Month: $0

Next Goal: $100


I’m also new to HubPages, although I think it’s been around for a while. I haven’t made any money here either, but again, I’ll be syndicating my articles and earning a tiny bit of ad revenue. The main reason for writing here though is to attract more readers!

Average: $0

Last Month: $0

Best Month: $0

Next Goal: $100


I was going to share my interest earnings from my savings account, but it’s so pitiful right now, that I think I’ll chronicle my accumulating at first! I have automatic deposits into savings so I put away money every month that I can’t even see. That way I don’t miss it and it just goes into my savings without me having to think about it!

Last Month: $75.14

Best Month: $75.14

Next Goal: $100


This is my job at the bar that I love. I have no plans to leave, even when I start making way more money. It’s just too fun! So I live on this income now, but I hardly consider it a job!

Next Goal: FUN

TARGET FOR 2021: $100,000

TOTAL SO FAR IN 2021: $0

(Hey don’t laugh, I’m writing this on January 5th haha!)


2019: $45,106

2020: $42,578

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Here’s the last part of my monthly report. This is the most pathetic part of the whole report, I think, because I have done almost literally nothing for others! I’ve donated my time, yes, and I’ve made a few people’s lives better (and I also do that through my work and my writing), but I really haven’t contributed anything close to what I’m capable of contributing. This will change!


Charity: Water: $185

Local Sports: $50

TOTAL: $235 (0.005% of Income)


Charity: Water: $180

Local Sports: $30

Local Fundraisers: $225

TOTAL: $435 (1.02% of Income)


Charity: Water: $0

Local Fundraisers: $0

First Book: $0

TOTAL: $0 (0% of Income)

Again, the year just started though, so give me some time! Big improvements coming here!

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Alright, so that just about does it! All in all, I feel pretty good about where I’m at right now, but I know that this is just the beginning.

And damn it, I’m having fun working towards these goals; they’re meaningful to me, they’re incredibly challenging, and I’m going to work day and night on achieving them, doing whatever the fuck it takes to get there.

My goal of enjoying life, however, is a goal that I constantly achieve again and again every single day.

I wish you the best with your own goals, and remember, none of us have ANY time to waste! We have to create our own lives — save our own lives — NOW, because no one else is coming to do it for us.

See you next month for the next progress report!

I wish you more than luck,

Matt Karamazov

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