The Author of the “Narnia” Series Believed That EVERY Adult Should Read Fairy Tales

Matt Karamazov
7 min readFeb 18, 2024

C.S. Lewis on losing the magic as you get older, and living “the reading life”

The Reading Life

C.S. Lewis was a brilliant author (and personal friend of J.R.R. Tolkien) who had a deep love for stories — and especially children’s stories.

The Chronicles of Narnia has sold more than 120,000,000 copies in 47 languages, and so you could say that Lewis was instrumental in spreading the magic of fairy tales far and wide.

But to his great credit, he also categorically rejected snobbishness.

And this, from a man who MEMORIZED the book-length poem Paradise Lost, one of the most challenging classics in the Western canon.

Even though he had read ALL the classics and the “hard” stuff, he never ONCE looked down on anyone for what they chose to read or not read.

I love that about him, and his book, The Reading Life is a collection of all these super cool observations about, well, the reading life!

Below, I share a short summary of The Reading Life, as well as my best book notes, along with some additional recommended reading.

If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you and reignite your love of the written word all over again, then you might want to read…

In The Reading Life, we have an excellent selection of passages and quotes from C.S. Lewis about the love of books and reading.

Having read the Narnia series growing up, Lewis is one of those people — among whom I include my parents — primarily responsible for my own love of reading, and if you’re a reader as well, you’re going to recognize one of our own kind in these pages.

One of the many, many interesting things about Lewis is his grown-up appreciation of children’s tales, and his recognition of their supreme value, not only to young and promising readers, but to…



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