This is How I Plan to SMASH My Goals for September 2023

Matt Karamazov
12 min readSep 1

And how YOU can do the same (I’m not special)

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Note to the Reader: The first 4 sections of this Monthly Achievement Report don’t tend to change much from month to month, so if you’ve read last month’s Report, you’ve already read them. By all means, read them again if you want, but the “real” monthly updates start in the Audience Growth Goals section below. Now let’s get into it…

“Okay, So You Want a Lamborghini. So What?”

You’ve seen all those Twitter bios saying things like “Documenting my journey to $10k a month doing…XYZ” or whatever.

Yea, I’m getting bored of them too.

But I’ll never say anything to them, because that’s a goal that THEY have decided to pursue, and it might be more meaningful to them than it is to some outsider who doesn’t know their situation and what they value.

That’s certainly the case with my Lamborghini.

(“My Lamborghini” — chills!)

Most people won’t care that I’m buying a Lambo…and that’s perfectly okay.

You don’t have to justify your goals to anyone besides yourself. You can just want things and not have to explain yourself to anyone. You can do that!

What’s more, buying a Lamborghini is merely a symbol of the blisteringly hard work I’ve put in, and WILL put in, to get where I want to go — and obviously it f***ing flies fast down the road. There’s that too :)

So yes, I’m buying a Lamborghini before April of 2024. I drive a 2002 Porsche Boxster right now, and my payments are basically nothing. Like $600 a month, plus gas and insurance.

And for a Lambo?

Well, if I get a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo, it’ll run me just under $3,000 a month all in. And if I decide to dial in my focus to an insane degree and drive flat-f***ing-out towards my goal of building my wildly profitable personal brand, then it’ll cost me about $7,000 a month for a used Aventador.

That’s with no down payments, decent lending terms, etc. And, as you’ll see below, with my multiple income streams, even if I only made $1,000 a month from each of them, I’d STILL clear $10,000+ a month.

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