What it Took to Become Michelle Obama

Matt Karamazov
7 min readJan 1, 2022

One of the main reasons why Michelle Obama turned out the way she did is because of her parents.

That’s a good thing, by the way. Just in case anyone took that first sentence as a criticism of her parents!

Some of the best parts of Michelle’s entire autobiography have to do with the example her parents set for her, the intangible gifts they gave her, and how they set her up for every possible success in the future. Would that we all had parents like hers!

Becoming is a wonderful book and there’s so much in here that everyone could benefit from, even though most people — including myself — could find fault with at least some of it. I won’t focus on that first, though.

I loved this book — the entire Obama family just seems marvelous, and I really, really enjoyed listening to her read the audiobook version. It’s always better when the author themselves read their own work.

Her husband’s presidency was just kinda “meh,” in my opinion, even though I believe that he worked incredibly hard and that he’s phenomenal as an individual.

Barack Obama is wickedly smart, kind, and just everything you’d want in a president, and he and Michelle are so perfect together. I loved reading about their relationship…

Barack and the Kids

I just think that he was held back in many ways by the mess he took over when he became president, the efforts by others in government to halt his initiatives, and as well I’m sure he made a few mistakes here and there — we all do — the result of which being that he wasn’t the kind of president he could have been.

Regardless, however, the whole book is insightful, funny, and sweet, and I definitely made the right choice in learning more about the Obamas and what they’re all about. It was kinda weird to me how she thinks that a college education is like, the answer to everything, but she’s the product of a different time I guess.

Matt Karamazov

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