What Will Your Next Book Be About?

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Good morning!

I promise all my readers at least one good book recommendation per week, and this is it!

I’ll read pretty much everything Martin Meadows puts out.

Most of his books are relatively short, and he writes almost completely without pretense. He’s a real person (although Martin Meadows is a pseudonym), and writes clearly about things like self-discipline, motivation, writing, health, and things like that.

Today’s book, Self-Discipline for Writers, is his short guide to becoming a successful writer, whatever that means to you.

For some people, being successful is simply getting a book published (myself, I can’t wait to see my first book in an airport bookstore), and Martin shows you how to do that.

It takes discipline, no doubt. You have to sit down and write pretty much every day, and you have to be OK with the fact that a lot of what you write isn’t going to be very good at first.

There’s lots to discuss here.

So, let’s get started!

Today’s Book on Amazon: Self-Discipline for Writers, by Martin Meadows

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You don’t have to love every single aspect of the writing process. But overall, does it appeal to you? Does it cause you more joy than pain?

— -

When you’re reading, take note whenever a book bores you, frustrates you, or just feels a little off. Then you’ll know what to avoid in your own writing.

— -

You can do the same thing when a book captivates you and apply this to your own writing too

— -

For most consistent results, write consistently, ideally every day

— -

Never, ever, ever edit at the same time as you are writing. These are two completely different activities and you need to be extremely judgmental when editing, which will stifle your creativity. No judgement when writing, extremely critical eye when editing.

— -

“It’s fine to skip one day as long as you don’t skip two.”

— -

As long as you’re moving forward, you’re getting closer and closer to the completion of your project

— -

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week in order to avoid working 40 hours a week

— -

“What will your next book be about?”

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If you’re willing to write your own book for 10 hours a day, but unwilling to work a single hour for anyone else, then you might have what it takes.

Myself, I’m pretty much unemployable, so I HAVE to be a writer. There’s just no ‘Corporate Mission” that I can really get behind, and I don’t want to spend 10 hours a day reading legal briefs, when I could spend 10 hours a day reading Krishnamurti instead.

That being said, I am under no illusions that writing anything worth reading is going to be easy. And it’s probably going to be similarly difficult for you.

And that’s ok.

If it were easy, not only would everyone do it, but it wouldn’t really satisfy anyone.

Hard work makes you HAPPY, and when you’re working hard on something that’s important to you, that’s where your greatest happiness is going to be found.

Another tip from Martin Meadows: Never write and edit at the same time. I just recently started taking his advice and it completely revolutionized my productivity. I don’t even go back and fix spelling mistakes. I just keep going, write poorly, but get it down, and then go back and fix it later.

Because he’s right, writing and editing take too different parts of your consciousness, and you pretty much have to pick one or the other if you want to get anything done.

The beauty of being a writer though is that it’s completely up to you when you write, and when you edit.

Maybe you write all day and don’t look at it again until the next day, or maybe you break it up so that you are writing for a couple pages, and then going back and editing for an hour, and then switching.

Everything is up to you! Being a writer is awesome!

All the best,

Matt Karamazov

BOOK: Today’s lesson came from Love in the Void, by Simone Weil. You can get my notes on this book, as well as my notes on every other book I’ve ever read, by clicking HERE.

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